While wearing a headband, have you ever experienced any of the following:

  1. Too tight?
  2. Constantly adjusting?
  3. Headaches?
  4. Sliding off slowly throughout the day?
  5. Not enough grip?
  6. Too loose?

If you love headbands and answered yes to any of the above, you obviously have never tried Mavi Bandz! Mavi Bandz headbands are the only adjustable AND non-slip headbands on the market that truly fit every size head, do not slip or slide all day, and do not cause headaches. The secret to this heavenly headband is the combination of our innovative velvet on the inside of the headband and our adjustable strap.  

All in all, if you’ve ever had a problem with a headband staying in place while working out, you’ll want to keep reading.  Here are 5 reasons you should add Mavi Bandz to your workout wardrobe.  Trust us, once you go adjustable, you'll never go back.


1. They are super comfortable and lightweight.

While working out, the last thing you want to think about is your headband falling off.  You need to focus on burning those calories, babe! Most of our customers forget they are wearing their Mavi Bandz because they are just so darn comfortable. Mavi Bandz: staying in place & keeping the wispies out of the face since 2013.


2. They are adorable.  

It is proven science; wearing cute workout clothes, including headbands, to the gym motivates you to work harder!  This brings us to our next point...


3. They come in over 300 styles / colors.

Not only do our headbands fit every size head, we also carry over 300 different styles!  From wide to skinny, to tons of sparkle and shine, we want you to express yourself with the headband that speaks to YOU!


4. They are affordable.

Many headbands currently on the market range from $15-$20 each. Mavi Bandz are super affordable and prices range from only $9.99- $14.99.  We look for the best value and most effective way to produce our product so we can translate savings to our amazing customers.


5. They truly stay in place while running, pilates, yoga, HIIT, barre - all of the above. We promise!

One of the most popular comments we receive from our customers is that they “finally found the perfect headband.”  The hype is real, y'all.



If you’re still a non-believer, you'll just have to try us out for yourself!  

Use code BLOG for 15% off your entire purchase.  Just a little treat from us since you've scrolled ALL the way down! ;) 


Mavi Bandz