Is your team, school, or organization in need of an exciting fundraiser?

Selling and buying Mavi Bandz is easy! 

Our mission is to help inspire and motivate as many teams, schools, women and girls to have the opportunity to reach their  goals.  Through our fundraising program, we make this possible!  We offer a variety of options to meet your needs:

Download our fundraising forms to sell to friends and family.

Purchase bands and sell them at your next event or in your facility!
 Please read the following fundraising terms and conditions:
The minimum fundraising order is 20 headbands.
Fundraiser rates are 40% off retail rates.
Fundraiser forms must be mailed together with one check from your 
organization at the end of the fundraiser.  
When purchasing online in advance, enter the code FUNDRAISER 
at checkout to receive the discount.