There are many summer staples out there that we don't give much thought about...we just know we need them.  If you are anything like the rest of us, as soon as the temp goes above 60 degrees, we quickly purchase ourselves a fresh pair of black flip flops.  These are an essential for the pool, beach, quick trips to the farmers market, or even just lounging in the backyard while your hubby flips burgers on the grill.  At a recent outdoor event, we asked dozens of people what brand they were wearing and why they loved them.  Below were the most worn styles and some honest feedback from our fellow Mavi Bandz customers:




Price:  $3.00
This is the most basic and affordable flip flop - most women have at least one pair.  With the killer cost, it is no wonder that this is probably the most popular style we found.  Most customers were never disappointed and loved that they are also carried in a variety of bold, summer colors.  These are long lasting and a staple in your closet.  Because of the great price, pick up a few extra pairs to keep in your beach bag, car, or gym bag!

Price:  $26.00
The classic Brazilian sandal that is a staple in most surf shops and is a favorite all over the country.  The textured footbed gives you comfort and class.  Shown is the best selling Slim Sandal, but they make dozens of styles in a multitude of colors.  These got lots of thumbs up for durability and comfort!
Price:  $28.00
If you haven't owned a pair of Reef sandals, then you haven't really lived.  One of our favorite things about Reef is that you never see the same sandal twice!  They offer hundreds of styles, colors, and designs.  Shown above is the Stargazer.  These run true to size and are even great for narrow feet.  These are strong and well designed.  These will last you more then one summer for sure!  Their website also offers free shipping and returns!
Price:  $32.00
Sanuk's have been walking the streets for quite some time now, but are totally underrated.  These are the first sandals to be made out of the same material as yoga mats!  These kick some major asana! Pictured above is the Yoga Mat 2 Flip Flop.  These have an uber, cushioned footbed that makes walking all day in these a breeze.  These won the prize for comfort and all-day wear!
Price:  $48.00

These are the most expensive flip flops that made our list...but they will be worth every penny you spend!  Aside from being completely classic... in such a simple fashion....our customers said again and again how comfortable they are to wear.  Make any casual outfit pop in an instant when you throw these on your feet.  Take your fashion sense to the next level with these sandals this summer!

The whole world wears them....even the celebs.

What are your favorites?  
What is in your closet?

Mavi Bandz